No April Fools- all chemo done!

Today, April 1st, is another milestone in my cancer journey. Two weeks ago i finished IV chemotherapy (oxaliplatin) and today, i finished my oral chemotherapy (xeloda). I took 110 days of this oral chemo over the past 6 months (two weeks on, one week off for 8 cycles) and while i’m skipping my last two days because of low platelets, i am relieved to be done!

At this point in time, my “active” treatment is complete and i will be doing follow ups with my oncologist every three months for the next two years- getting labs, and a CT scan. I also get to have yearly colonoscopies, although my risk of developing another primary colorectal cancer is low.

I will once again thank God for walking with me through this journey, my husband, daughter, family, friends (IRL and on IG) and co-workers for supporting me. I am blessed to know that i will be waking up tomorrow with gratitude, knowing my active treatment is over, and am looking forward to healing and getting back to my “normal” life.
Love to you all. Thank you for being part of this wild ride for the past 10.5 months.

One thought on “No April Fools- all chemo done!

  1. Praising God with you, Lara!!! He promises to walk with us THROUGH the fires and floods (Is 43:2). He is faithful!! Holy Week Blessings! PMN


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