A Hiccup

I haven’t been updating as much as i should because things are just moving along, steady and without any issues…..until today.

So today was suppose to be my 7th (out of 8) cycle of chemo.  And i was ready.  I got some good sleep last night, woke up early to do a one hour peloton ride, showered and washed my hair, and arrived at the cancer center on time.  My vitals were perfect and my weight was back to normal (i was down 5 lbs 3 weeks ago).  And then i met with my Oncologist who told me chemo was cancelled today.

It seems that the chemotherapy is causing some issues with my blood counts, more specifically my platelets.  Platelets are a component of blood whose function is to react to bleeding (a blood vessel injury) by clumping and forming a clot.  Because of platelets, when we injure ouselves with a scrape or cut, it stops bleeding (in a person with a normal amount of platelets in their body).  Well, my platelet count is low today- like REALLY low.   Low enough that it is unsafe to give chemotherapy because they will go down even more with the treatment and can cause more issues.

It is fair to say that i’m disappointed.  I really wanted to have chemo today (who am i?) because that means i am one step closer to being done with chemo!  But as i always tell my patients, it is better to be safe than sorry, so i am ok (ish) with holding off on chemo.  The plan is to get labs again next Monday and if they look ok, chemo will be next Wednesday (the 26th).  Say some prayers that my platelets increase!

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