Humbled by kindness

Two weeks ago my coworker asked me for my shoe size (saying his sister was selling her Louis Vuitton shoes!!!) and for my address (for Christmas cards). I willingly gave up those answers and a couple hours later found out those questions were all a ruse (dang it i wanted those shoes)! But i got something even better- it turns out that my coworkers had bought me a #peloton bike as a “we love you” present and a “kick cancer’s ass” present.
Y’all- i ugly cried at work because i was not only totally surprised but also was in shock. Their act of kindness was above and beyond anything that i could imagine.
As i am going through these cycles of chemo i can tell that I’m slowing down and the side effects are worsening. I’m also realistic and know that my counts will trend downward and being out in public will be more and more difficult (this flu season is no joke). This bike is a perfect way to help me continue my exercise regimen in the setting of my own germs. lol.
I am so thankful for my amazing coworkers and their generosity. I realize i will have to pay them back in lots of chocolate chip cookies and covering all the holidays once I’m done with chemo next year. 💙
Today the bike was delivered and i will do my first of many peloton rides. I am beyond excited and am so grateful for my coworkers.

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