Do I have good genes?

Last week i got a message from my provider saying that i had a gene abnormality come back on my genetic testing and i needed to see a genetic counselor. So i spent the last couple days freaking out (hello Pubmed literature searches). 🔬🔬
Today i met with a genetic counselor and we talked about my gene mutation, which is MSK3. Unfortunately all she could tell me is that it is of “undetermined significance.” 🦠🦠
Apparently the mutation is really rare- it is associated with colon cancer- but it also might not be contributing to my cancer…..i might just have bad luck. 💉💉

The good news is that nobody in my family needs genetic testing (Including my daughter and my siblings) so that makes me feel better. 🧬🧬
So for now, my gene mutation does not change my course of treatment at this time. It just makes me unique. And today was just another loop on this wild rollercoaster ride that is my cancer.

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