An Update

I have been really bad about updating because really nothing has been going on. Actually, let me clarify that, nothing cancer related has been going on.

I am 4 days away from my surgery date. I had to wait 8 weeks and 4 days to have surgery after my radiation, so here we are….the 8 weeks have flown by and we are in the final countdown. I’m ready. I’m scared. I know i have to have this surgery but it. is. surgery. I’m not a wuss and can handle the pain- i just don’t like the unknowns (hello type A over here). This is the time where i have to give up control and let the surgeon do his part and let my body do its part ( i have been incredibly kind to it over the past 8 weeks) and let God do the rest.

I really want to share some fun pictures from the mini-honeymoon that Carson and i took last week. It ended up that i had a couple days off, and i was able to get a co-worker to switch a couple shifts, and bam. I had 6 days off. And what better way to spend those 6 days but in Mexico? We bought tickets TWO days before we left and headed last Wednesday to Cancun, with my surgeon’s permission of course. He just said not to eat the ice (drink the water). Ok, so no blendy drinks. No big deal.

We booked 6 days/5 nights at Unico 20 87, which i have to say has been my favorite resort we have visited so far. It is closer to Tulum than Cancun, so a bit more of a drive, but the resort is 2 years old and absolutely gorgeous. The name comes from the coordinates of where the resort is located, 20 degrees north and 87 degrees west and is an all inclusive, (unlimited food, drinks, free wifi and a host of other amenities). The resort is modern, and beautiful and swanky. The food is unreal- from chips and guac to hotdogs by the pool, to steak, to seafood- and the 4 restaurants (+ room service, + two bars by the pool that served food) did not let us down. They also have an app that you download to your phone- it is easy to use – you can request a turndown service, make dinner or spa reservations and read up on all of the restaurants. It also tells you all the cooking classes that are scheduled, the activities of the day, and what the nightly entertainment is.

I will also reiterate that Carson and i felt TOTALLY safe traveling to Mexico and while at the resort. The drinks were strong (not tainted) and we never had a bad encounter. We loved Unico so much that we will be going back…and we usually try a different resort each time we go to Mexico, but this place is so amazing that we want to go back. We had the most perfect mini-honeymoon. 🙂

2 thoughts on “An Update

  1. Praying for you, Lara, especially with your upcoming surgery. I appreciate receiving your updates…as well as the gorgeous pictures from your honeymoon! Thank you!!


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