One Week Anniversary

I have not done a good job keeping up with updates. I am sorry. I was busy with work. And then went on vacation. And then got married. And now i have been married for a whole week. People ask “how is married life?” And i tell them, that it is exactly like non-married life, except we are now married and not living in sin. 🙂

Carson and i were married on July 26th, which was our 5 year anniversary of meeting on Tinder. Yes, we met on Tinder. We both swiped right and talked that night (he was walking home from the bar after being dumped by not one, but two girls….he was dating both, and i was working overnight at the VA and it was slow), only to set up a date on July 31st at Edmund’s Oast. That night we ordered WAY too much food, had some good drinks, and made out in the parking lot. Classy, i know.

Fast forward almost 5 years later to February 2019, when we got engaged while on vacation in Mexico. Our plan then was to get married the following February at my parents house, having a large brunch reception for friends and family afterwards. We all know that my diagnosis changed those plans a little, as February 2020 would put me right in the middle of chemotherapy and i did NOT want to be a bald bride. We toyed with the idea of getting married at the courthouse but it seemed too impersonal for me. So we decided to get married on the 26th of this month, on our 5 year anniversary, surrounded by immediate family and loved ones. We were already going to be on vacation with his family, and my family (parents, sister, and brother and his wife and their two kids) came up for the celebration. And our good friends Duane and Lisa Price married us- DP got ordained on the internet and Lisa already had her South Carolina notary (DP likes to say he is “Holy AF” haha).

My life has felt like a roller coaster over the past three months, with dips and hills and flips, all while dealing with the emotional side effects of being diagnosed with cancer (and thinking i might die) and then starting treatment with radiation and xeloda. I am now currently awaiting surgery and my body is healing from the previous 6 weeks of treatment. However, on my wedding day, my rollercoaster ride stopped at the top of the hill and allowed me to view everything around me and enjoy. I was happy and carefree and married the love of my life- and not once during that day did i think about cancer. It was a perfect day.

I wanted to share these wedding pictures with y’all. I hope you enjoy them and can see/feel the love we shared that day.

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