Today was my last day of radiation.

28 days of burning my tumor and lymph nodes (in the most simple of terms) and also taking oral chemotherapy twice a day.

The last treatment turned out to be pretty uneventful but also didn’t go as planned at the same time. I am dehydrated (GI issues) and my bladder wasn’t full, so treatment was delayed while i chugged water. And once i did that, i climbed on that table for my last time (106 seconds), and then it was over and i was done. I got a certificate of completion (which i will hang on my fridge), hugged my radiation therapist girls (who have been a wonderful source of encouragement and laughter), and walked out. In my own stubborn style, i refused to ring the bell. 😜

I am thankful for my family and friends, who have been an ever constant support over the past six weeks. I am thankful for the hospital staff, the radiation therapists and my physician who came up with my treatment plan. This was the first big hurdle i had to overcome with this cancer diagnosis. But it is not the last.

I now have 8 weeks of “rest” while my body recovers from radiation and then the next step is surgery on September 3rd. From now until then, i will be working on getting my body back to normal and being as healthy as possible.

Thank you for accompanying me on this journey and for your continued thoughts and prayers. 💙

One thought on “28/28

  1. Congratulations Lara on completing this initial phase! We’ll continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers!


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