I just wanted to come on here quickly and let y’all know what i am thankful for at this moment.

1st- i’m thankful it is the weekend and i’m getting a break from chemo and radiation. It really is draining and although it is daunting that i am only on radiation 9/28, i know i can make it through this part.

2nd- i’m thankful for people continuing to ask how i am and if i need anything. Right now i don’t need anything except prayers….i’m sure that will change and it will shock y’all when i actually have something that i need someone to do. But for now, i’m ok.

3rd- i’m thankful for my work family at the VA. They give me hugs when they see me, they offer to see patients for me (which i totally am capable of doing but they are trying to make me REST), and they have rallied around me and some are offering to transfer some of their time off to my time off when i have surgery and undergo IV chemo. I’m so humbled by this action and would have never asked for them to do this, but appreciate it more than they know. Oh- and the rumor going around the hospital is that i have PANCREATIC cancer. I laughed when i heard this and said that i was not Alex Trabek and politely told them that i had colorectal cancer. 😉

4th-i’m thankful for my family- my rocks, my support, my steadfast loves. I would not be able to make it on this journey without them.

What are YOU thankful for?

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