My 7th day of treatment

I’m about to head to Hollings Cancer Center for my 7th radiation treatment. Today i am officially 1/4th of the way through treatment.

I really don’t have much to say today. I’m on a long stretch of work days so i’m approaching the next two weeks as a marathon and not a sprint. I actually feel ok. That is what i am saying a lot. “Ok.” I feel a little different- maybe a little (more) tired than normal, a little nauseated (but i take medication and it is totally fine), and my backside, where the radiation beam is pointed directly, is getting more sore. I’ve bought bottles and bottles of Aquaphore to help with skin changes. And I’m trying to keep life as normal as possible…..i’m working, working out, binge watching (re-watching) Big Little Lies and Handmaids Tail to prepare for the upcoming seasons, and doing some wedding planning.

Oh yeah, I’m getting married in 51 days! July 26th, 2019 is the big day. July 26th is actually the 5 year anniversary of our first date, and we will be on vacation with Carson’s family in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina that week, so we just decided to go ahead and do it. Also, to be completely honest, our previous wedding date (02/22/20) is right in the middle of my 6 months of chemo and i really really really didn’t want to be a bald bride. Hahaha. So on July 26th, while standing on the dock at our rental beach house, in front of our families and my best friend and her family, our sweet friends Lisa and Duane Price, will marry us in a quiet ceremony. Trust me, i really wanted to have a large party/reception for my family and friends and co-workers but all of that is being put on hold. Maybe next year when i’m done with treatment we can celebrate being done and our marriage, and have the reception we wanted to host….i wanted a brunch reception…..mimosas, bloody marys, chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits…it would have been glorious. But that will be for another time. And a honeymoon will have to be next year as well, but that is ok too.

Ok, i need to get ready to head to treatment. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

4 thoughts on “My 7th day of treatment

  1. It will be glorious anyway, even without the chicken and waffles and shrimp and grits and mimosas and bloody Mary’s!


  2. It will be perfect! I’m happy for you both and I am rallying prayers for your strength. I’m ready to hear ‘NED’ when it comes to your cancer! 💪🏽


  3. I’ll eat chicken and waffles on July 26 in your honor! But to be honest, any excuse to eat chicken and waffles would have worked for me.


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