Mini Vacation

This weekend is a rare weekend where Carson and i didn’t have anything to do. I didn’t have to work either of my jobs and he didn’t have his girls, so we decided to take a road trip. And this might be my last weekend where i can tolerate sitting for longer than a hour (damn you radiation to my butt)!

We ended up driving 2 hours down the road to a cute little beach town, Hilton Head, South Carolina. And before you ask, yes i know we went to the beach when we already live at the beach. But while we are here, we are staying at a lovely resort, enjoying a lot of time by the pool on lounge chairs, and the best part is that we don’t have day to day responsibilities (like getting up early to feed the dogs- which reminds me, THANK YOU Beth for staying with the dogs, especially when Sam doesn’t behave😜). It is like a mini-Mexico vacation….except no all day mimosas since i can’t drink while on chemo. Well, they say one drink a week which is really just a tease.

Radiation and oral chemo are Monday through Friday so i get a little bit of a break this weekend. And a break from the nausea from the oral chemo is definitely welcome. The nausea isn’t bad but it is pretty constant (nagging). Hopefully it won’t be there the entire time of treatment. And for those who are asking, yes, i am still trying to do Keto/low carb throughout all of this. My plan is to incorporate more fruits and veggies but still stay low carb. This is one reason why:

And now for fun pictures of the weekend!

We have enjoyed walks on the beach, relaxing by the pool, mini golf (my fav) and lots of food, including ONE margarita!!

Our plan for today is to climb the lighthouse, have some brunch, and then head back to Charleston- stopping if we find something interesting.

It’s been a fun, relaxing, and much needed time away from the “real world.”

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