My first day

Today is my first day of treatment. I will never have another first day.

I woke up a little earlier than normal after a really hard sleep, which has been few and far between for me lately. Yesterday was Monday, Memorial Day, so radiation treatment couldn’t start on a holiday. I took full advantage of my “last day” not being on treatment. We went to the beach. We went to Leon’s for a late lunch. And i had some Cava. I’m not sure if i have mentioned this, but i am not allowed to drink while on my oral chemo. I was actually told “maybe you could have one glass A WEEK but we recommend no alcohol at all.” So i guess i’m going to be a cheap date for the next 5.5 weeks. 🙂

So my plan for today is to go workout in a few minutes (see you at 7:30 Kelly T.), then have some breakfast and then take my Xeloda (1500mg twice a day on days that i do radiation). And then i have my radiation appointment. Usually i will have radiation at 8am, so that i can do it and then go to work for the rest of the day. But today will be a little bit longer for placement and getting situated.

I’m a bit nervous starting the oral chemo. And i’m nervous about radiation. Oh hell, i’m nervous about it all. For many many reasons that i don’t need to get into right now (i’m sure i will soon). But i’m ready to get started and i’m ready to start this fight. It has been 20 days since my initial diagnosis. 20 days that i have been living in fear knowing that this cancer is growing inside of me without treatment. Well, that ends today. Today i start treatment, so look out cancer. The attack starts today.

4 thoughts on “My first day

  1. You’ve got this! The unknown is always scary, but your friends, family & IG followers (me), will be here to cheer you on!


  2. Praying and rooting for you to kick it’s a**!!! Postive vibes north of the border ❤
    (@talula_rose on Instagram)


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