Thank you

While i like to talk and really like to write about my feelings, i am having a hard time putting into words how i feel right now. I posted my diagnosis on Thursday to social media and also told my co-workers and oh my goodness. I am truly humbled (and slightly overwhelmed) by the messages and phone calls that poured in, and the words of encouragement, the offers to lift me up in prayer, and the offers to help with anything, big or small.

I do wish, however, that for all of the people that reached out to me, that i had kept better in touch with all of you. Every single person has touched my life in one way or another, whether we went to high school together, college, or medical school, or you were a nurse bossing me around at MUSC (hehe), one of my co-workers, or even an online friend that i met through Tiberius, Sam or Ellie. All of you have played a role in my life and i cherish it. With that being said, i want to be better at keeping in touch. I say that tongue in cheek because while i want to see people and do things and write long emails and catch up, i know this year is going to be tough and i’m going to question if i will have the stamina to do such things.

So my challenge to YOU ALL who are reading my updates is this: take the time to reach out to an old friend, or make a dinner date with a co-worker that always talks about getting dinner with you but you never do, or have a phone date (gasp) with your bestie instead of texting. You will be pleasantly surprised surprised at how wonderful it is to reconnect and invest in that friendship.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who reached out to me. Love to you all. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend.

2 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. So, I have become a huge fan of you and the adventures of your crew. I too, am a owner of bloodhounds, on my 4th tour of duty with them lol…why I keep getting them, don’t know, must think I can , just one day, make one listen lol. Ive gotten to know you and your brood thru social media,(Instagram) and though I have my thoughts about social media, because I don’t think anything can replace eye to eye conversation, or receiving a handwritten card, if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t know you. This morning, my first glance at it, and there I was, floored by the news.
    Within minutes, I knew more about you, than I have gotten to know about some of my friends. I didn’t realize, or know, you were a doctor, something that hits near and dear, because my son, is just completing his first year of residency at Wake Forest Baptist, in North Carolina. That, was your first battle you have conquered…medical school and residency.(lol) I knew Tiberius has had his own medical issues, but not to the extent he does, other than old age. He has lasted and survived this long, thru great care and love of his family. A second battle you have fought, and thru love and persistence, conquered yet another. Number 2. I am quite familiar with cancer. You could say it has become somewhat of a “second cousin” in my family, affecting both parents, in-laws, brother-in-laws. I work in a school, and received news within 2 weeks of many co-workers also fighting the battle.
    There is nothing one can say, when you find out, that can lessen the blow, cure the blues, make it go away, or help treat it. Its a battle fought within yourself, on so many levels. But, at the end of the day, you are not alone. Though it feels like it because you are the one going thru the treatment, there is a army behind you. Each and every one of the soldiers taking on a different job fighting it, in your quest to divide and conquer. And those dogs…well, everyday, to them is the greatest day ever. Their job, to make your life happy. Never a bad day, even when they aren’t feeling well. They are your nurse, your psychologist, personal assistant, and “pick me up bouquet”. They don’t have any clue what is wrong, other than you need someone to make you smile.
    Just remember, the doctor in you knows what you need to do. The human in you knows what is needed to be done to make it happen, and the inner soul of you knows the warrior side of you.
    You have got this….“Fate whispers to the warrior, ‘You can not withstand the storm.’
    The warrior whispers back, ‘I am the storm.’


    1. Thank you for your kind words, they were so sweet and they made me cry.
      And yes, while i don’t “know” you, we are still family by IG and bloodhounds. That is a real family. We love one another. We take care of one another.


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