My first post: A confession

I have cancer.

I have wanted to say that, maybe even scream that, to every person that I have seen and talked to over the past 11 days.  But it is not polite to scream things at random people (because you would be considered a crazy person), so I have been silent.

But now it is time to share. 

I have cancer.  Colorectal cancer to be exact.  And it is Stage 3 (T3cN2 to be exact).

I needed to get those words out before I begin sharing my story with the interweb. And i promise i will be blogging my story and updating as much as possible.

But for now, i have cancer. I am 40. I have no family history. I have no risk factors. I am in the best shape of my life. I have no pain. I am a physician. Cancer was never on my radar. But now, it is the #1 enemy and there is no alternative other than to beat it.

One thought on “My first post: A confession

  1. Listened to a song today, done by different artists, but totally made me think of you
    “Tough Folks” by American Aqurarium

    Stay strong, you are an incredible influence! Our thoughts and pawsitive thoughts are with you as you travel this journey Laurel


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